Battery Cleaning and Care Instructions

  • Use a lint-free cloth to clean around the area which connects your battery to your cartomizer. Do not use water or cleaning fluids of any kind!
  • Take a small wire brush and gently scrub the threads on the top of the battery.There are small holes in the sides of those threads. Use a toothpick. Insert gently and twist to make sure the holes are clear from any build up.
  • Wipe the threads with the cloth again.
  • Repeat this process every 2 weeks to a month, depending upon use.

If you find that your battery is not charging, please check chargers to make sure they are working properly. Sometimes it is not the battery which needs to be replaced. It could be your USB, wall or car charger. Make sure all these products are functioning properly. If you are unsure, please call us ( 352-228-2600 or 727-243-5330 ) and we will advise you.

By following these steps, it will help you get the most usage from not only the products, but it will help you get more out of the cartomizer and save you money.